Jen Knox


Tattoo Artist


Born in the late 70’s in sunny Southern California, Jen Knox, was often the dorky kid in the corner reading or doodling. Wait! She still can be found being an equally dorky adult. While finding the darkness in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she achieved ultimate satisfaction when she found moss growing on her back.

Jen Knox loving long moonlit walks on the beach moved to Seaside in 2001 and landed a job as shop steward at a local tattoo studio. She literally started on the ground floor, (sweeping it, mopping it, and scrubbing it). After finishing a yearlong apprenticeship in 2004, working as a tattoo artist gave her insight, appreciation and passion for tattooing.

Jen likes to remain open-minded and adventurous in all styles of tattooing. After years in this industry, she enjoys constantly learning and growing as an artist and human. She likes the interaction with her clients and greatly enjoys working with them to come up with the perfect work of art to indelibly mark their bodies with.


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Whale and quid Whale and quid cross necklace bee bright yellow butterfly true blood never more fish japnese fire made in oregon tiger fruit elephant flower tattoo RIP Tattoo Sand Dollar Tattoo Crown Tattoo Flower Tattoo Flowers on Foot Tattoo Yellow Submarine Tattoo Cat Tattoo Vine Tattoo Peacock Feather Tattoo Compass tattoo Octopus tattoo flower tattoo Cherry Blossom Tattoo

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